Denver Managed Services

Denver Managed Services

In the old days, managed services often referred to nothing more than a help desk that would take over control of your workstation while you leaned back and watched. Nowadays, we have the ability to monitor the health and performance of your entire network, and if we spot a potential problem, we can usually take care of it without you ever missing a play in your epic game of Minesweeper.

Basic level managed services keeps an eye on your network, and alerts pop up on screen (or get texted/emailed) so a technician can lean forward in his chair and see what the issue is. More often than not it is a minor event that is easily remedied, and the tech can resume his reclined posture. Occasionally, the problem may be more critical, and the tech may have to deploy resources to the client site to coordinate a fix.

How Our Denver Managed Services Can Help You

Better than a basic reactive style of managed services is one that incorporates a proactive element. Each day, your dedicated managed services engineer logs into your system and runs diagnostics, whether an alert popped up or not.

The best managed services tend to go largely unnoticed, which is the best evidence that the system is working. Still, a monthly (weekly can get to be too much) summary report reflecting all the evil that was thwarted also provides some peace of mind.

When coupled with an effective on-site component to deal with the issues that just can’t be helped remotely, managed services will provide a (nearly) all-seeing eye, and have the hands to do something about the things it sees. If your IT has a degree of virtualization, the ability to affect true system management extends even further.

As you review your IT management provider, be it outsourced or in-house, ask about the remote monitoring and remediation capabilities. Are managed services being used effectively? Are they proactive, or are they in place simply to keep an eye on things? Are all of your systems covered, or only select components? What protocols are in place when an issue can’t be resolved remotely?

At the end of the day, you’ll likely sleep more soundly knowing that your business systems are managed effectively, both up close and from afar with our Denver Managed Services.

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