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Like our own health, the health status of an IT system can be deceiving without regular professional checkups. Symptoms that seem unimportant and unrelated can belie more serious internal issues.

When it comes to IT systems health, early detection often provides the best chance for recovery with the least impact. Unfortunately, many companies choose to wait until they have a significant enough disruption of service before they “go to the doctor”.

Rapid Assessment of IT Systems

Mission Critical Systems provides a Rapid Assessment, a checkup of sorts, on the IT systems of customers and prospective customers. We can provide IT services in Colorado.

During a recent Rapid Assessment, the MCS consultant was documenting the client’s backup systems and procedures, and ran a typical test restore to ensure the client had reliable backups in place.

The client knew their backups ran daily, and had assumed all was well. As it turned out, the Rapid Assessment revealed that while the routine ran every night, it had a glitch. The backups included corrupt data, which would be useless in an emergency.

Ultimately, MCS recommended upgrading the older, tape-based routine to one that used newer hardware and an off-site copy. Unfortunately the client did not heed our advice.

After some weeks, the client experienced a catastrophic hardware failure, and spent well in excess of $10,000 in an attempt to recover lost data. The effort failed, and critical information from their IT systems was lost.

By dragging their feet, the client forever lost irreplaceable information. All of this could have been avoided had they simply gone for the early detection, and moved to correct the problem.

This is an example of why following the advice of a trusted IT services company in Colorado can prove beneficial for your company.

A second opinion

Your business depends on the health of your IT systems. Even if everything is running smoothly with your it systems, it’s a good idea to get the occasional second opinion.

Most IT issues can be fixed or, even better, they can be prevented with early detection.

Please contact us to learn more about our Rapid Assessment process.

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