How to Check if a Company is Legitimate

In today’s complex digital environment, it’s essential to take your time to research every single company that you’re interested in doing business with.  Whether you’re a small business or a big enterprise, the consequences of dealing with an illegitimate company are always harmful. For instance, let’s say that a young startup signed a contract with […]

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Ransomware: Protection and Recovery

Denver IT Protection Ransomware, the breed a malicious software that takes your computer hostage by encrypting files and demanding a ransom payment to unlock them, continues to be the scourge of computer networks everywhere. In the past month, ransomware attacks were carried out on a massive scale, including attacks on the Colorado Department of Transportation

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Local Admin Blues

One of the most prevalent security risks we encounter is setting users to be local administrators on their workstations. This is usually set up because some important software application requires it, or users need the ability to make certain changes to their workstations – like changing wifi networks or adding printers. While setting a user

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New Ransomware Strain

This week in Security News, a new ransomware called Bad Rabbit has been infecting networks in Russia, Asia, and Europe since yesterday. Some infections in the US have also been reported. So far it’s not spreading nearly as quickly as WannaCry and Petya, fortunately. Here are the important bits: It seems to be infecting computers

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Make a bootable USB flash drive to wipe an old hard drive

Make a bootable USB flash drive to wipe an old hard drive To use a USB to wipe an old hard drive on a Windows PC: Download the DBAN *.iso image from Insert a USB flash drive with 32MB+ available space. Download the Universal USB-Installer, which converts the *.iso image to USB flash

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Shadow Copy

Shadow Copy The Shadow Copy feature is often one of the most overlooked tools built into Windows Servers. Utilizing shadow copies allows files to be recovered in real time, without having to turn to a traditional backup solution like tapes, or even online backups. This does not mean that Shadow Copies should take the place

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