The Changing Face of Security Threats

IT Security Threats

In today’s day and age, we find ourselves the subject of digital attack. As the time has changed technology from room sized computers doing math to the world in your hand held device, so has time changed the people and the technique they use to exploit these advancements. We used to have greasy hackers in their parent’s basement, but now we have networks of computers working day and night poking at the chinks and weak spots of internet security. These networks are often controlled by foreign organized crime, state-sponsored groups, or hacker collectives.

The problem is no longer tiny embarrassing changes, like replacing “butt” for “but” in all of your emails, but is now replaced by cryptolocker variants that can encrypt your important files and charge a ransom to unlock them. We no longer have our emails deleted, but spear phishing messages that impersonate big important people to trick you into giving massive amounts of dollars. Security breaches are a lucrative pursuit, and sadly, anyone with an internet connection can be a potential target. Your computer is connected to the internet and now most phones are continuously connected to the internet, giving a constant avenue for these people to attack.

As these methods have increased, we have kept up and made sure to be ready for the attack with defensive strategies, but we have also discovered ways to heal the damage that has been done. The time to think about your IT security is now. You need to find out where your computer or mobile device is vulnerable and do what is needed to not only protect your devices but the information that is kept on them. With a small effort, a very large majority of your exploitable weaknesses can be corrected and that goes a long way toward protecting your business.

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