IT Management in 3 Phases

IT Management in 3 Phases Take charge of your company’s IT management, or your information technology will take charge of you. Think of the computer “HAL” in the movie, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” HAL ends up in the driver’s seat because no one properly manages his deployment. Many of us already feel controlled by our …

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Denver IT Managed Services

cloud computing

Denver IT Managed Services With our IT managed services program, we can remotely monitor and remediate our clients’ servers proactively. It gives us eyes on our clients servers every day, even if our engineers only visit weekly or monthly. Monitor servers 24 hours a day to prevent outages or interruptions Remotely remediate server issues without …

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Denver IT Support Case Study

Denver IT Support Case Study Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery Case Study A growing surgical practice in the Denver area has found stability, security, and transparency with Mission Critical Systems Denver IT Support. The MCS approach gives the practice peace of mind– knowing their systems will work day in and day out, and that they get …

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IT Systems Health

IT Services Denver Like our own health, the health status of an IT system can be deceiving without regular professional checkups. Symptoms that seem unimportant and unrelated can belie more serious internal issues. When it comes to IT systems health, early detection often provides the best chance for recovery with the least impact. Unfortunately, many …

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Disaster Recovery for Stable IT

Disaster Recovery for Stable IT Technology, especially personal tech, has become so pervasive and so ingrained in professional culture that it has taken on the characteristic of the kitchen sink. People tend to take it for granted, assume it will always work, and are put off when it backs up. No matter how much budget …

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Cloud Computing Considerations

IT Cloud Computing Services What should businesses take into consideration when evaluating moving to cloud computing? There are a number of variables to consider when evaluating a move to the cloud: from migrating data (both to and from a cloud provider), to service level agreements, ongoing management, monitoring, support, and security. Understanding your organization’s requirements and …

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Easy external-monitor or projector setup for laptops

Easy external-monitor or projector setup for laptops If you’re running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 on a laptop, use this shortcut: Windows key + P. Tap it with a monitor or projector attached to the laptop’s video output, and you’ll get a new selector box that helps you configure the external display device.

Use Windows 7’s Compatibility mode to run a troublesome older app

Use Windows 7’s Compatibility mode to run a troublesome older app To activate Compatibility mode, right-click on the affected program’s icon, then click on the Properties item in the menu that pops up. In the Properties window, you will see a set of tabs across the top; choose Compatibility. In the resulting dialog box, you will want to …

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Clutter vs Junk mail

Clutter vs Junk mail – Office 365 With Office 365, users have been presented with a new feature called Clutter. What is Clutter, and why is it different than the Junk Mail folder? Junk Mail is for email that is suspected to be spam, or has the characteristics of spam. Clutter on the other hand …

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Microsoft Auto Recover

Microsoft Auto Recover A very useful feature Microsoft added a few versions back is the AutoRecover feature. This feature is on Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, and is very useful if there is a power outage and you did not save the document. How does it work? The Auto Recover feature is turned on by default, …

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