Microsoft Windows Problem Steps Recorder

Microsoft Windows Problem Steps Recorder

How to Use Microsoft Steps Recorder:

  • Search for “Steps” in the Start Menu
  • Select “Record Steps to Reproduce a Problem”
  • Launch Application
  • Click “Start Record”
  • Record Process
  • When finished click “Stop Record”

Have you ever tried to describe a Microsoft Windows-based task to a colleague or friend, such as how to change the screensaver, or how to send an email?  “Click here and then click there, oh wait, I meant over there.”  It can be difficult and time consuming to outline the process in enough detail for the other person to replicate it successfully.

There is a nifty little tool included with Windows called Problem Steps Recorder.  You can find it by searching for “steps” in the Start Menu, and then selecting “Record steps to reproduce a problem.”  From there, the Problem Steps Recorder application launches, allowing you to start recording your steps.  Simply click the “Start Record” button and walk through the process you are trying to present to your colleague.  When finished, click “Stop Record.”  The application produces a step-by-step set of written instructions, along with highlighted screenshots, that can then be emailed to someone else.  They can then open the file, following along to reproduce the task.  This file can be saved for future reference.

This link describes the tool in more detail:

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