Reset your network password? Update your devices.

Reset your network password?  Update your devices.

Password security is of the utmost importance to your organization’s network and data security.  To keep passwords secure, upon logging in, we are regularly notified that our company’s security policy requires that we create a new password.  After performing this reset, users frequently forget to update the new password on their mobile devices.  It is important to remember to go into the account settings of your smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices to perform this change.

Not doing so can cause more problems than just not being able to log in on those devices. Your mobile devices are set to reach out to your mail server at set intervals to check for updates to your mailbox.  If a mobile device is attempting to authenticate with the server, but has an incorrect password, eventually the failed attempts to log in will cause your account to be locked.  This won’t only affect access to mail on your mobile devices, but can lock access to your workstation, or a remote desktop, halting your ability to work.

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