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IT Is My Day Job

Running an IT department is a complex undertaking, with lots of ‘moving parts’ and many immediate demands. Sometimes you’re just too busy to handle everything on your plate. In a sense, the productivity of the entire company is on your shoulders. When users can’t access the system, they lose time. In business, time is money and recovering from downtime can be costly.

We work with you, to take on what you’re too busy to tackle. Maybe you’re deep in strategic planning – we’ll handle the more routine issues. We can be your virtual help desk, dealing with reactive issues or providing a second set of eyes.

When you’re managing an upgrade, we can be your extra hands and relieve the stress and pressure of meeting deadlines yourself. After all, just because you need to be laser-focused, it doesn’t stop all the ‘need-it-now’ calls from coming in. We’re your on-call safety valve – offering admin as a service – there when you need us.

IT Management is More Than Strategic Planning

Perhaps you’re in the thick of everyday management to the point where you just don’t have a spare minute to do strategic planning.

We can work behind-the-scenes with you to identify issues and create policy based on what you want and need IT to do for your company.

Additionally, we can suggest or create procedures for enforcing policy, so systems run optimally.

We can take on a Virtual CIO role when needed – even as an interim measure. Don’t go it alone. Bring in the team that has the experience to get the job done, make you look great and relieve your stress. Our job is making your job easier.

Here’s a snapshot of services we offer you

IT Director-as-a-Service: Create policy and provides strategic insight and leadership if desired

Server Admin-as-a-Service: Execute and maintain your policies through day-to-day maintenance of backend systems

Help Desk/Sneakernet-as-a-Service: Provide reaction support to issues that pop up within your IT department.

Bottom line: we support your efforts, always with an eye to making your department run smoothly and efficiently, so you get everything accomplished on time and to your standards.

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