IT Infrastructure Security

What Does Your IT Infrastructure Look Like?

Infrastructure Security is about protecting the technology tools used to run your business- whether it’s an Internet connection that allows you to send and receive critical email communication from your computer, or a more complex system with servers and software for maintaining and accessing critical business data. What would happen if someone or something took those tools away?

Technology infrastructure is under threat from a number of avenues:

  • External entities looking to exploit vulnerabilities on publicly-accessible services (email, websites, remote access, etc.)
  • External entities able to gain access internally due to lax Wifi security or tricking an employee for a password
  • Internal entities causing damage, either inadvertently or on purpose
  • Malware and Ransomware
  • Failures due to aging hardware and software
  • Lack of backups, or incomplete/untested backups
  • Disasters, ranging from simple power outages to full infrastructure loss

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